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Be more activity physically on this situation with exercise

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    When the Covid-19 pandemic occurred in at the beginning of last year, people’s awareness to exercise also increased. The goal is none other than to maintain health.

    However, the sporting activity that took place in 2021, seems to be starting to sag and not feel as warm as last year.

    According to him, when they hear the word « sport », many people tend to be lazy to start.

    However, Melgib reminded that exercise must still be done during the pandemic.

    « Actually, exercise at home can be done. Get up early in the morning, grab a drink, then change into sports clothes, » said this television presenter.

    « Put on the clothes first, we’ll think about it later, it’s a shame if the clothes aren’t used for sports. »

    « Sometimes a friend of mine also feels lazy to move. Just try one move first, then you’ll usually get charged. »

    According to Melgib, there are no fixed rules regarding the ideal time to exercise. It all depends on each individual.

    « I want to exercise day or night, it doesn’t matter. Only if I am more suited to exercising in the morning than at night. I have trouble sleeping when I have exercised at night, » he said.

    He then reminded, before exercising, it’s good to warm up first,

    The main purpose of warming up is to relax the muscles of the body and avoid injury during exercise.

    Warming up is actually a movement that you will do later. For example, if you want to lift weights, you just need to move your hands without any weight, so that the muscles are not shocked and not injured. »

    « Later, if we are injured, we don’t want to do sports anymore, » he said.

    When doing a movement in sports, we also need to do it right.

    The trick, we can find out through video tutorials that are widely available on YouTube, or follow the steps given by the coach or coach during virtual training.

    « Sports should never be lazy. When participating in virtual training, listen to what the coach says, and we will also find out what the correct movement is, » he said.

    « There must be a mind-muscle connection, focus and really feel our muscles working when they are moved. Because usually, people do sports carelessly. »

    « Don’t think about the clothesline that hasn’t been lifted, or what you want to cook. Because people who do sports focus and don’t focus, the results will be different, » he added.

    The main key to exercising, said Melgib, is to do it regularly, in order to produce maximum results.

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